A Collaborative Process of Discovery

The Mills Group is an extraordinary blend of like-minded professionals who bring their very best to work on a daily basis. Together, we believe that a successful engagement is a collaborative one. That's why we've based our design approach on research, data collection, client interaction, and original solutions. Founded in 2005, we maintain a clear vision for the design of new structures that encompass rich architectural character of the past. We execute site plans that account for the opportunities and challenges of every project, including spatial constraints, client desires, and limited budgets. Our unique experiences with each project have led to new discoveries that benefit our clients and enlighten our ways of thinking.

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From Our Clients

  • Wesley Church has been extremely pleased with the work performed by the Mills Group. Their professional demeanor, architectural expertise, knowledge of federal, state and city codes and their willingness to work closely with their clientele makes them an obvious choice for any church, organization or family. I highly recommend the Mills Group without reservation!
    — Rev. Michael Q. Atkinson, Pastor, Wesley United Methodist Church

  • This house is just getting more and more awesome! Every time you send me something new, I'm like a kid on Christmas Morning!
    — Lake Watteree Custom Home Client

  • In our opinion, the Mills Group brings a wealth of expertise and professionalism that sets them apart from other architectural firms.
    — Preston County Commission

  • The Mills Group has been selected for various projects because of their extraordinary commitment to vision, creativity and professional service…Mr. Mills has placed a premium on customer satisfaction, a commitment to community and the dedication to the highest level of professional service.
    — John Martys, Executive Director, Fairmont/ Morgantown Housing Authority

  • …I have been privileged to work with some of the nation’s leading architects. It is not an exaggeration to say that none has measured up to expectations as fully as you [Mills Group].
    — G.T. Smith, Davis & Elkins College

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Gibby Gabriel, West Place, LLC

Greg Kittridge, Waller Corporation



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  1. Investigate

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    Conducting a needs analysis is the first step for every project. This helps us to gain a practical understanding of the project and perspective of our clients. We believe this process creates a scenario whereby Mills Group becomes a trusted advisor.

  2. Ideate

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    Once needs for the project have been clearly defined, we get to work. Our talented team collaborates to create a functional and creative solution that ensures our clients' complete satisfaction. We believe that innovative ideas are what bind practical needs with stunning solutions.

  3. Implement

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    We don't just think of creative solutions, we see them through to completion. Our designs are rendered to contractor specifications which ensure that the results are what everyone envisions. The final product is the culmination of countless hours of passionate research, collaborative planning, creative problem solving, and unparalleled attention to detail.