Designing a Sustainable Future

Nov 03 2015 — Tuesday

Mills Group’s values and culture have long been the foundation of our success. We have nurtured a commitment to the communities where we live and play throughout the region, therefore we hold a responsibility to facilitate design for a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

At ten years old it is now a good time to show our commitment to this responsibility.

We work daily with businesses, developers, homeowners, nonprofits, municipalities, universities and many other groups to improve or create the built environment whether new or existing.

Improving energy efficiency and reducing consumption of fossil fuels is a priority of the whole design industry. Additionally, architects around the nation set and committed to goals and committed to (2030 Challenge) reduce and eliminate harmful emissions just fifteen short years from today.

Mills Group implements these best practices to provide local, scalable, and affordable solutions within the Appalachian region which has its own unique challenges and opportunities within the U.S. When designing for sustainability, Mills Group aims to keep the square footage low and energy efficiency high, while creating desirable spaces that facilitate sustainable business and occupancy.

Client’s also benefit from achieving these goals which include reduced operating costs, a better interaction with surroundings, long term occupancy, reduced energy consumption (and cost), healthier interior and exterior environments, thus yielding high occupancy satisfaction rates.

All end users benefit from good design. In addition to providing inspiring architecture, our value is in the service and expertise we provide our clients, that everyday give us humbling opportunities to work with them to improve the built environment.