Morgantown Market Place

Mills Group has collaborated with the City of Morgantown, its Parking Authority, and Main Street Morgantown to design a structure that will serve as an outdoor market, as well as sheltered parking for employees and patrons of the city's downtown business district.

Such a structure will be sustained by its fabricated steel construction, solar reflectant metal roof which mitigates urban heat island effects, and rainwater collection. Water falling on the roof will be harvested on site and will irrigate the native species vegetation that doubly acts as a bio-swale, which naturally filters pollutants in the rainwater that collect from the parking surface, as well as regenerates the site's soils.

Additionally, the structure has been designed to receive photovoltaic panels , thus offsetting the power used on site by the clock, lighting, and available receptacles for vendors during market operations. Generous unshaded southern exposure has given the existing site much potential for such future implementation.

Iconic elements on the structure are led by the clock, which will display local time on the Spruce Street facade, steel signage that signifies the structure as the "Morgantown Marketplace" and its welcoming entrance, and the upper ridge vent which is designed for passive natural ventilation, reminiscent of a cupola on a traditional farm building designed for such.

It is anticipated that construction of the marketplace will increase already heavy pedestrian traffic levels and further stimulate the downtown economy, as well as enrich the market for sustainable and seasonal agriculture.

  • Location: Morgantown, WV
  • Client: City of Morgantown
  • Services: Architectural Design/Concept-Construction Documents
  • Cost: $600,000

Project Images

Morgantown Market Place - Project Image
Morgantown Market Place - Project Image