Wellsburg Tollgate House

Mills Group developed the plans to restore the Wellsburg Tollgate House, the last remaining extant tollhouse on the Washington and Wellsburg Turnpike. The structure was previously clad in asbestos shingles with its original materials hidden by years of alterations. The Brooke County Commission hired Mills Group to return the building to its circa 1840 appearance.

Mills Group began by documenting the structure with existing conditions drawings and collected a comprehensive understanding of the building's history and development over time. Once the building was documented, the 20th century materials were removed and the Mills Group developed a plan to restore the original materials and supplement in-kind where restoration work was impossible.

The construction scope focused on the stabilization of the building's foundation and exterior structure, restoration of the exterior millwork and trim, installation of a compatible roof assembly, and the reconstruction of a period addition to the building. The full building restoration shall involve subsequent phases focused on additional exterior detailing, interior rehabiliation and interpretation. Mills Group also conducted construction administration and ensured that the building was ADA accessible while complementing the original historic character of the building.

  • Location: Wellsburg, West Virginia
  • Client: Brooke County Commission
  • Services: Rehabilitation and Stabilization
  • Cost: $150,000

Project Images

Wellsburg Tollgate House - Project Image
Wellsburg Tollgate House - Project Image
Wellsburg Tollgate House - Project Image