360° Imagery image

360° Imagery

360° images are pictures that are created through the use of special rotating cameras and/or software that can capture adjacent images in the area around a fixed location. These images are processed and stitched together using algorithms that account for a spherical shape and in turn create a viewing “bubble” that when opened in certain apps or through virtual reality headsets, give the impression of true human perspective.

Our 360° imagery and spherical capture is a great tool for helping our designers and clients with understanding space from almost any perspective. We can create these by capturing them from existing locations through our point cloud scanner or from our 3D modeled designs through our animation software. We can then combine several location captures and create virtual tours that help illustrate linear progressions through sites and the experiences they provide in the exact fashion you might see them in real life.

Some of our most impactful client meetings involve creating hybridized tours that contain spherical images of both existing conditions and modeled conceptual designs. These sessions allow for a quick recall of what the space feels like currently and then immediately highlights how the space can feel from the exact same location under the exact same conditions with our proposed design.


Bavarian Inn

OCDA Sports Complex

Maxwell Residence