Mills Group has a Certified Remote Pilot

May 14 2021 — Friday

Mills Group has a Certified Remote Pilot - Image

We are very excited to announce that Ryan McClain, the Director of Creative Planning and Design, has received his sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA! Mills Group will now be able to provide fully-fledged drone services to our residential and commercial clients.

These drone missions will allow our entire firm to benefit from internally collected aerial photography and video as well as photogrammetry, which is the technology of obtaining reliable and accurate information about physical objects in the environment through the process of recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images and patterns of electromagnetic radiant imagery and other phenomena.

Data distilled from our software will allow us to harness important, yet difficult to gather, site information like terrain slopes, cut/fill volumes, drainage elevations, roof profiles, site areas, hardscape distances, turf health, plant counts, and many other elements. In addition, we can now also use all the imagery and video we collect for enhanced marketing efforts and project graphics.

We can’t wait to share these new features with you!