Ryan McClain sUAS Pilot
Director of Creative Design & Planning

You're gonna need a bigger boat. - Jaws

Ryan McClain - Photo

Imaginative and innovative, Ryan McClain, a creative design and planning associate at Mills Group, possesses a unique outlook for visual design, planning, and aesthetically-charged graphics. Ryan is an expert in utilizing visualization software, digital modeling, and virtual reality methods to illustrate a site’s true design potential. He is also well-versed in visioning and theming projects as well as branding/logo design, wayfinding, info-graphics, photography, and illustrative hand-graphics.

Growing up in Morgantown, Ryan always hoped he would attend West Virginia University like his family before him. Following in his father’s footsteps, he attained a BS in Landscape Architecture in 2006. Soon after, he departed to work for over a decade as a firm-leading graphics manager in Tempe, Arizona. Recently, Ryan felt the urge to return to his roots, reconnect with family, and work on projects more geared towards revitalizing and preserving the wonderfully wild state of West Virginia.

As he settles back into life in the Mountain state with his wife Paula, daughter Briar, and their four cats, Ryan can be found enjoying loud music, slaying video game bosses, watching classic horror movies, and munching on an occasional under-baked cookie.

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