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  • Nagy, Boyce join Mills Group

    Sep 28 2018 — Friday
    Ashley Nagy joined Mills Group as the Office Manager. After being recommended by a friend for the position, she quickly realized it was a great fit with her previous office experience and interest in design. She is responsible for daily operations at the Morgantown Office and assisting Mills Group staff in va…
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  • Mills Group is the BOM!

    Feb 09 2018 — Friday
    Mills Group would like to thank everyone who voted for us as Best Architectural Firm in Morgantown! It is an honor for us to be chosen for this award and we are eager to continue our work in West Virginia. We appreciate all of the community support!
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  • Strategic Sunlight

    Dec 19 2017 — Tuesday
    Click on the link below to read Mills Group’s article in NZB Magazine about window sizing & placement and how they can make a significant difference in effective daylighting plans.Click here to read more.
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  • Historic Tax Credit Toolkit

    Aug 17 2017 — Thursday
    Preservation is a powerful economic catalyst for community revitalization. Historic tax credits are one of the most effective tools to ensure the viability of rehabilitation projects and are often a crucial financial consideration for developers. Check out this go-to guide to help you navigate the process.Cli…
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  • Historic Tax Credit Interactive Roadmap

    Jul 05 2017 — Wednesday
    Mills Group has created an Interactive Roadmap that will walk you through the historic tax credit process in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. You will need to click the link below and then download the PDF file to view and participate in the process. Viewing the document in your web browser is not reco…
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  • Autodesk (r)Evolution

    Mar 28 2017 — Tuesday
    Mills Group constantly embraces evolving technology to better serve our customers. Autodesk is one company providing those technologies to push the envelope. Click to see what’s possible
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  • Monongalia County Courthouse Plaza

    Mar 08 2017 — Wednesday
    Mills Group is nearing the bridge between design and construction on the Monongalia County Courthouse Building and Plaza update. Located in downtown Morgantown, the Courthouse is a center of public life. The plaza upgrade will enhance the facility’s role in public engagement while building updates will …
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  • Preston County Courthouse Renovation

    Jan 30 2017 — Monday
    Mills Group designed a jury room and restroom upgrade for the Preston County Courthouse, making the space ADA-compliant and more welcoming for citizen participation. Under the direction of Preston County Administrator Kathy Mace, Mills Group created an interior that accounts for everyone’s needs. Omega …
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  • Casey, Bowers join Mills Group

    Nov 30 2016 — Wednesday
    Erin Casey joined Mills Group as the Office Manager of the Morgantown office. She manages the day-to-day operations of the office and the production of marketing materials as well as social media.Erin earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and an Associate …
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  • Bakers Wine Cellar

    Jun 10 2016 — Friday
    Kellie Cole sketches away night and day to earn her pay. And to leave a creative stamp on our fair city. https://buildlivegreen.me/2016/06/09/bakers-wine-c…
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