Designing on principles of the past and preserving for the future.

The Mills Group is a team of creative professionals who work to improve our community through timeless, inspired design. Architects, designers, planners and historians all work together to create a sense of place for each project. We are committed to sustainable practices and foster community engagement in many of our designs. Michael Mills founded Mills Group in 2005 and since that time we have maintained a clear focus on the design of new structures which encompass the rich architectural character of the past. We are diligent in understanding our client’s spatial needs, design goals, and budget. Our firm is committed to a quality end product derived from experience, creativity, and collaboration. We look forward to bringing your vision to reality while serving as your trusted advisor. Learn More ➞



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  • Autodesk (r)Evolution

    Mar 28 2017 — Tuesday
    Mills Group constantly embraces evolving technology to better serve our customers. Autodesk is one company providing those technologies to push the envelope. Click to see what’s possible
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  • Monongalia County Courthouse Plaza

    Mar 08 2017 — Wednesday
    Mills Group is nearing the bridge between design and construction on the Monongalia County Courthouse Building and Plaza update. Located in downtown Morgantown, the Courthouse is a center of public life. The plaza upgrade will enhance the facility’s role in public engagement while building updates will …
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  • Preston County Courthouse Renovation

    Jan 30 2017 — Monday
    Mills Group designed a jury room and restroom upgrade for the Preston County Courthouse, making the space ADA-compliant and more welcoming for citizen participation. Under the direction of Preston County Administrator Kathy Mace, Mills Group created an interior that accounts for everyone’s needs. Omega …
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