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We welcome the opportunity to transform humanity through architecture. We believe in designing structures for our clients that improve not only their lives but also the community with which they are involved. We have a broad focus in architecture, assisting clients with residential, commercial, public, and interior designs, while emphasizing traditional design principles, vernacular design influences, long-term sustainability, and the design of new structures.


Architectural design for commercial space requires a keen understanding of practical usage intentions, associated functional requirement, cost restraints, environmental circumstance, and many other factors. The challenge is to create a visually stunning design approach that maintains the inherent positive natural qualities and encompasses the vision of all stakeholders.


Residential design should be a true reflection of a homeowner's needs, while creating a spatially engaging environment that promotes self-expression. Our team takes great care to "walk in our clients shoes" in order to understand project requirements before beginning the creative design phase. We are highly experienced and skilled in the residential architecture sector.

College & University

We create spaces that inspire teachers to do their best work, empower students to achieve their goals and create a timeless sense of community.


We design spaces for our hotel and resort clientele that create an outstanding experience and welcome guests while providing practical solutions for the owners.


Ecclesiastical architecture is designed to inspire. Mills Group works with congregations to create a design that reflects the values of the community while becoming a part of its fabric.

Civic & Cultural

We aim to create a vibrant community through the design of landmark buildings that will serve current and future generations.