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We approach the planning process of greenfield and infill sites with the responsibility of being a "Place Maker". Clients entrust us with creating the overarching plan that will foster a rich and engaging environment for people to live, work, and play.

Our planning and design approach relies on carefully considering the complex interaction of functional, economic, and social needs of our clients while also providing needs of the site's users.

We pride ourselves on extensive design due diligence to assess the existing constraints and opportunities, historic context, solar orientation, and transportation and circulation issues.

We have experience with private developers and public agencies, so we understand greenfield and infill design challenges from both perspectives. We feel that proper planning and urban design will significantly enhance the real value of any proposed site development as well as facilitate compliance with zoning, infrastructure, and environmental regulations. Urban design concepts that offer a mix of uses, promote a strong sense of community, present an appealing image and are environmentally responsible.