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Mills Group maintains a commitment to the cultural heritage of our region. We strive to raise awareness of the significant history and culture that is the foundation of who we are and ultimately, will become.

Our team performs historical research as well as assessing and documenting existing conditions. We compile our findings into a comprehensive narrative, a feasibility study and/or historic structures report for the owner to implement planning for the next phase of use for the building. The Mills Group has also used these findings to produce plans for historic site interpretation.

We strive to achieve a balance of the overall "Preservation Objectives" with those of the client's needs for the building's use. The rehabilitation dogma that our firm uses is aimed at maintaining the building's original qualities. These qualities convey the historic character while incorporating provisions for life safety and accessibility requirements, indoor air quality and energy conservation requirements, as well as all of the real-life demands on the building program.

Sensitive and responsible preservation and restoration work must be responsive to the historic significance of the building. Each building provides a unique set of requirements and conditions therefore, each solution is unique.

Additional Preservation Considerations

  • Assessment & Documentation
    The documentation and assessment of structures is an essential element for Mills Group. We provide conceptual design services that produce alternatives for the building's reuse, detailing what work will be necessary, its effect on the environment, and local and state regulations, as well as an estimation of costs associated with the project. Often, as a part of structural documentation, Mills Group utilizes its research to complete National Register of Historic Places nominations for significant structures which provide opportunities for financial support that will often help fund the next phases of the building's preservation and restoration.
  • Interpretation
    Mills Group approaches any project that requires interpretation in a manner of maintaining a balance between financial availability, optimizing the visitor experience, and completing the goals and requirements of the client. We have a qualified staff with experience in determining the physical and operational needs of a facility, as well as utilize the methods that best sustain archival collections.
  • Facility and Maintenance Planning
    We develop facility maintenance plans that prescribe routine work necessary to sustain a structure given its historic materials and components. With proper facilities maintenance programs, small problems do not have to evolve into big or even irreversible ones.

Historic Tax Credit Interactive Roadmap

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This Interactive Roadmap will walk you through the historic tax credit process in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. You will need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to view and participate in the process.

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