WV Governor's School of Math and Science

Jul 24 2015 — Friday

In July, the 2015 class of the WV Governor’s School of Math and Science visited the Mills Group to gain an appreciation of the inner workings of an architecture firm and to learn a few technical tips and tricks to create 3-D models. Mills Group Director of Sustainable Design Ryan Hess lead the class and introduced the class to a software program called Sketch-up. Sketch-up allows the three-dimensional modeling of blueprints, allowing designs to come alive. Teacher Lyndsy Grinko stated that in years past, “students drew [sic] their blueprints to scale on large pieces of poster paper and it was difficult for some of them to visualize how the plans truly come to life!” Ryan’s lesson on how to use this free software will enable the students to continue to visualize their projects for years to come.